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Don’t you just hate when you’re outside and, even though you’re wearing mittens, the snow gets down the sleeve of your coat?

Most of us just complain about it, but one winter’s day 10-year-old KK Gregory was outside building a snow fort and decided to do something about it. She created the first pair of Wristies — a fingerless glove made of fleece that goes halfway up your arm, keeping your wrists warm and dry. You can wear them with or without mittens.

Wristies were a hit with her Girl Scout troop, so she decided to get a patent and start her own company.

KK’s mom helped her run the company while KK was in school, college, and during years immediately after graduating, when she traveled the world from California to Southeast Asia. KK, now 28, is back in Maine as the president of the company. Wristies are sold for $10 to $25 in select stores, on Amazon.com, Wristies.com, and in Plow Hearth magazine.

Photo Credit: Wristies