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Trendiest Halloween Costumes

Each Halloween there are many classic themes people use to inspire their costume choice, but every year there are some that stand out from the rest.

This year Halloween spending is projected to rise 9 percent to $6.86 billion, according to a survey conducted by BIGResearch on behalf of the National Retail Federation trade group. There are two reasons for the increase: More Americans are celebrating the holiday, and more American adults are dressing up in costumes as part of the fun. Based on the survey, it is expected Americans will spend $1 billion on costumes this year.

As consumers put more focus on finding the right costume, there has been a trend to “mash up” or create unique costumes by blending elements from several existing costumes.

For those who are either too time-pressed or not as creative to create their own costumes, don’t worry. There are plenty of costume manufacturers putting fresh twists on old themes. They find just the right elements to be recognizable, while freshening up the concept to make it look like something never seen before.

Pirates of all kinds are very popular right now among all age groups. This pirate costume, manufactured by Roma, is a perfect example of how the right elements—boots, swords, and hats—can be used to establish the theme, but the style of the costume and the material it’s made of provide a unique twist.

Although pirates are a very traditional Halloween theme, they have become more popular in the wake of moves such as Walt Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

By Christina Cheddar Berk
Posted 1 October 2011

Pictured: Deluxe Pirate, by Roma Costumes. Retail: about $105.

Photo: RomaCostume