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Daughter Heirs-Apparent of Mega Moguls

In today’s world, daughters are just as likely as sons to be the heir-apparent to the family business. From North America to Europe to Asia, there’s a generation of heir apparents with the skills and experience to run some of the world’s most high-profile firms.

All of these women could probably make it without help from ‘Daddy.’ They’re smart and savvy, have earned world-class degrees, and are business leaders in their own right.

More important, they have a major stake in the family business, so they’re primed to take over if and when the time comes.

Click ahead to see some of them — in alphabetical order — and how they’re preparing to take the helm.

By Jennifer Leigh Parker
Posted 10 October 2011

Photo: Jeff Kravitz | FilmMagic, Inc | Getty Images