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Super Mario Bros.

When you make a film about the most popular franchise in gaming, “Super Mario Bros.,” the rules seem pretty clear: Don't mess with the formula. Walt Disney-owned Hollywood Pictures forgot that rule with its 1993 adaptation. Mario and Luigi are plumbers, yes, but they live in Manhattan and are chasing Princess Daisy — not Peach — who wears a necklace (made from a meteor fragment) that can free a race of reptilian sewer-dwelling creatures. King Koopa, her kidnapper (played by Dennis Hopper), hides her not in a castle, but rather in the rat- and garbage-infested underworld of Dinohattan. (It's even more confusing when you watch it.)

Star Bob Hoskins has labeled it the worst job he's ever done. That being said, the film still took in $21 million.

Photo: Disney