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Bertie Bott’s Beans & Bean Boozled

Company: Jelly Belly
Price: $2.49 for a box

Jelly Belly has whipped up its own version of a product, Bertie Bott’s Beans, that was featured in the “Harry Potter” book series. While there are some tasty beans in this mix, there also are a few repulsive flavors, such as centipede, rotten eggs, ear wax, vomit, and dirt.

There also is another line, Bean Boozled, with equally crazy flavors. There’s skunk spray, baby wipes, moldy cheese, and black pepper, among others. It’s not all bad — some of Jelly Belly’s more traditional favorites are in the mix, including juicy pear, peach, plum, and coconut, among others. The fun comes from being bold enough to try them all.

There’s even one version of Bean Boozled that is packaged with a spinner to turn the adventure into a game. If you dare, spin the wheel, then pick a jelly bean that matches the color the spinner lands on. You may get a delicious flavor, or one of the gross ones. (Yellow! Will it be banana-flavored, or taste like pencil shavings?)

Photo: jellybelly.com