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Teams That Will Struggle to Survive

The National Basketball Association lockout, which started on July 1, has already wiped out the entire preseason and nearly 100 regular season games. A key point of dispute for both sides continues to be focused on the breakdown of basketball-related income (BRI), which previously had been guaranteed at 57 percent for the players. The league has claimed that 22 of its teams lost money during the 2010 season.

Some star players, including Deron Williams and Tony Parker, have already signed contracts to play overseas as the work stoppage drags on. Many more players have threatened they might consider doing the same.

As the owners and players continue to squabble over their next labor agreement, we started thinking about the teams that could least afford to miss the 2011-12 NBA season.

By Darren Rovell
Posted 20 Oct 2011

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