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Middle Market Millionaires

If the Occupy Wall Street movement has you thinking that only Wall Street titans earn millions, think again. Middle market CEOs – presiding over companies worth far less than any in the S&P 500 – are quietly getting rich.

Wall Street may have propagated the myth that financial wizardry is a prerequisite for wealth, but these CEOs prove otherwise – earning handsome salaries for running companies that provide tangible products like clothing, housewares, and school supplies.

The CEOs listed here run firms included in the S&P600 Small Cap Index, a broad-based index of publicly traded small cap stocks. And in 2010, they each earned over a million for doing it, according to annual reports.

Click ahead to see executives leading middle market companies--and becoming millionaires in the process.

By Jennifer Leigh Parker
Posted 27 October 2011

Photo: Yagi Studio | Getty Images