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Meet the GOP Presidential Candidates

American voters will soon be well acquainted with the Republican presidential candidates vying to unseat President Barack Obama. The first primaries are only a couple months away.

For those who don’t follow the daily news flow, there is a series of nationally televised debates to get to know the candidates and issues. Having begun in May, the next major debate is CNBC’s co-sponsored one in Rochester, Mich., Nov. 9.

What’s more, this presidential election will be somewhat unique. It is the first to reflect the Tea Party movement, as well as the groundbreaking 2010 Supreme Court ruling, Citizens United v. FEC, that struck down long-standing limits on campaign spending by corporations and unions.

Fundraising, however, is just one of several critical ingredients to success. A candidate’s grasp of the issues, personal history, and campaign skills can also make or break a run for the White House.

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By Jennifer Leigh Parker
Posted 1 November 2011

Photo: AP