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Denver International Airport, United States

Denver International Airport, or DIA, which opened in 1996, is routinely voted the best airport in North America by Business Traveler magazine, balancing passenger safety and providing an enjoyable experience. The terminal’s peaked roof resembles a village of giant white teepees, against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Denver-based architect Curtis Fentress, a pioneer in sustainable design, made the airport as "green" as possible, with solar-power operations, and a roof made of materials which reflect 20 percent of solar radiation in the summer and retains heat in the winter.

In addition to construction, the airport made operational improvements in 2009 and now uses a recycling program.

"It is the only major new airport to be built in recent memory, and as such has advantages over other large airports such as JFK, LAX, and ORD, which have grown organically over many decades and generations of airlines and aircraft needs," says Weston.

Source: worldarchitecturenews.com

Photo: Panoramic Images | Getty Images