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Top Performing Green Stocks

The dynamic and diverse green technology sector has had a bumpy, and in some cases, rough year. The solar and nuclear industries, in particular, have struggled. While venture capital investment has been strong, investors in many exchange-traded funds have seen their investments suffer. Some of the biggest funds have notched deep double-digit losses — and that's after a strong October showing.

Some investors, however, have been rewarded. We looked at companies in the green industry, whose stocks have posted the biggest gains so far this year. It's a diverse bunch for sure, from size to type of business, and the technology involved is often complex. All the more impressive is that so many of their peers have lost ground this year.

Note: All values as of close Nov. 10, 2011

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By Jessica Naziri
Posted 11 November 2011

Photo: Green Bulb: Seth Joel | Getty Images