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Amerigon (ARGN: NASDAQ)

Market Cap: $358 million
YTD Performance: +42%
52-Week High/Low: $18.18 / $9.55
Cash & ST Investments as a % of Assets: 4%
Total Debt as a % of Assets: 20%

This Michigan-based company specializes in thermo-electric technology. Its main product is the proprietary "Climate Control Seat," which is sold to major automakers around the world. Amerigon has developed a solid-state circuit that creates hot or cold conditions from various sources of energy. In the car-seat application, energy is generated from the waste heat of a vehicle's exhaust system. The 20-year company holds 34 patents related to thermo-electric efficiency and other innovations.

Source: www.amerigon.com

Photo: Amerigon.com