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New Careers After 40

Life may begin at 40, but job searches that begin at that age can be discouraging. After all, the job market is not what it used to be. Entire professions are disappearing, and the labor market is flooded with unmarried, childless, eager young applicants whose salary requirements are generally lower.

Despite this grim scenario, older workers shouldn’t despair. They bring such hard-won assets as experience and discipline to the table, and the people doing the hiring know it. “Savvy employers are reaching out to skilled, energetic job seekers over 40,” says Steven Greenberg, founder of the employment search site Jobs 4.0. “Newly hired older workers tend to stay in their jobs longer than younger hires. Older workers often require less training time, and have better work habits.”

CNBC.com spoke with experts in such fields as technology, human resources, and finance to determine which professions are best for older workers looking to reinvent their careers, and which sectors offer real hiring opportunities.

What are some of the careers that workers over 40 should consider? Click ahead and find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 17 November 2011

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