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The Draught House

Location: Austin, Texas
Notable Brew: Malt Ball

The Draught Housein Austin, Texas, has been a steady presence in this college town since it was built in 1968. Josh Wilson, the current brewer, says the history of the place is just one of the things that make it special. “The furniture was custom built for it over 40 years ago,” he says. “People who carved their initials in our tables when they were in college in the 70s come back and see them still there.”

Wilson says “keeping it fresh” is the secret to running a successful brewpub.

“I follow my muse with brewing and may brew a different beer for months before repeating a recipe," he says. "We always have something fun on tap. We also have 70 guest beers on tap and emphasize local, seasonal, limited-release beers. We flip faucets a lot to keep things exciting.”

Wilson says some of his crazier concoctions that have been a hit with beer drinkers include "Smoked Saison," a sour "Pumpkin Ale," and "Malt Ball," a beer that tastes like Whoppers.

Photo: The Draught House