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Thanksgiving Prices on the Rise

Please pass the peas — and the wallet — Thanksgiving dinner will cost quite a bit more this year.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s survey, turkey dinner and all the fixings will cost about $49.20, or about 13 percent more than it did last year.

That’s the biggest increase in years. Blame the recent boom in crop and livestock prices, which pushed up the cost of nearly every item on the Thanksgiving shopping list.

Prices for commodities have risen due to poor weather, which shrank the size of U.S. crops, and retailers are being more aggressive about passing those costs along to consumers.

Click ahead to see how the costs break down per item. All costs are based on the prices collected by 141 volunteer shoppers in 35 states, who are asked by the AFBF to hunt for the least expensive prices, but not take advantage of promotional coupons or other purchase deals.

By Christina Cheddar-Berk,
Posted 21 November 2011

Photo: iStock