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Campaign Consultants

Mamas, why let your babies grow up to be cowboys when they can be political consultants? Herding voters instead of cattle pays better, and if they win, these roving guns generally follow their candidate into a prestigious White House job. If the current crop of top campaign advisers is any measure, neither losing a national race nor burning out on the campaign trail dents your job prospects.

Can we tell anything about the candidates from their choice of consultant? A White House hopeful’s pick is an important early economic decision as well as a political one: A professional campaigner these days commands a fee of six percent or more of the campaign budget. It’s no wonder that even the contenders who are running against the system are associated with experienced, well-tested GOP campaign hands. Click ahead to see the masterminds behind the Republican presidential hopefuls.

By Paul O’Donnell
Posted 28 November 2011

Photo: Getty Images