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CEOs Who Turned Around Companies

Whether it's running a multinational company or a family business, being the CEO requires a special set of skills. The demands are even greater for those taking the helm at a struggling company. A turnaround boss needs to have a clear action plan and goals, a realistic timeline, and the support of the company's board and senior managers. Even the best strategy, however, needs to be accompanied by financial results, whether it’s greater market share, larger profits, a higher stock price, or preferably all three.

Few can rival the success of Apple's Steve Jobs, who returned to the company he founded, transforming it into the most profitable technology player in the world. Not all turnaround stories have a happy ending, however. After starring at Autodesk, Carol Bartz was brought into revive Yahoo! Her vision had a promising start, but a disappointing ending — she was ousted by the board, and the company remains adrift.

So which CEOs have succeeded where others have not? Click ahead for 10 CEO turnaround stories.

By Jessica NaziriPosted 30 November 2011

Photo: GSO Images | Getty Images