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For the Clients

This holiday season companies are shying away from traditional pricey holiday gift giving, and sticking to an economical approach. With company budgets still tight for some, gift givers are looking for the most cost-effective, charitable, or personal gifts to send this year.

Though skipping client gift giving altogether is not recommended, experts say sending gifts can positively impact client and company relations, and leave a lasting impression on recipients. Saying thanks and taking a moment to spread some holiday cheer can be accomplished in less time than ever this year. It's even easier than ever to find gifts that can be personalized for your clients, and you may want to consider branding your gift. Both of these touches can help form an emotional bond with your customers.

Here’s a look at some of this season's most popular and easily accessible corporate gift giving products that will impress your clients and ensure a timely delivery.

By Jennifer Zabasajja
Posted 06 Decemebr 2011

Photo: VStock LLC/Tanya Constantine | Tetra | Getty Images