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Portable Electronic Devices

Cost: Price varies by type of product

MP3 players are one of the most-gifted products of the decade, but you’d have to be hidden from society to not notice the wide variety of tablets and e-readers available on the market today. If your loved one is a little behind the cutting edge for new devices, one of these items may be perfect in a pinch.

The best thing about these devices is that they are available almost anywhere and new features such as games, apps, video capabilities, and higher resolution trump the functionality of their predecessors. Apple’s iPod and iPad devices are ubiqutious, as is Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, but similar products exist from a variety of manufacturers, including Research in Motion, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Acer, and more.

To put some extra thought in, however, take into account how they’ll be using their new devices, such as running, traveling, or just casually browsing their music, book, or video libraries. Buying a model that will perform well under conditions specific to the recipient will be that much more appreciated.

Photo: Bloomberg | Getty Images