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2. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are not only the most prestigious squad in the NFL, they're also the most heavily marketed. On the team’s website are endless photos and updated cheerleader blogs, not to mention more than 130,000 people have “liked” the squad on Facebook. Additional fan interaction takes place through youth programs and public appearances, including store openings and trade shows targeted at football’s key demographic: men.

The Dallas Cowboy website is truly comprehensive, including a section called “our secrets",which endorses the squad’s favorite local businesses, listing everything from the team’s official dentist and where the women have their hair and makeup done, to their bootcamp and yoga exercises. If there's a negative for this cheer team, it's that the Cowboys don't let the cheerleaders have their own individual social media accounts... and that's a shame.

Photo: Wesley Hitt | Getty Images