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Celebrity Sport Fans

Sometimes the spectators at sporting events can draw as much attention as the players.

They'll no doubt be plenty of stars popping up on TV during the Super Bowl, but it's quite another thing to be a loyal fan, who shows up on a regular basis.

These avid and loyal fans spend big bucks to sit up close — often in the first row. Take "Sopranos" actor Steve Schirripa, a longtime New York Yankees baseball fan who likes to sit behind home plate, where tickets cost up to $2,500 a game. Or “Fantastic Four” star Jessica Alba, who often sits courtside at Golden State Warrior basketball games. A premium seat at the team’s Oakland arena can cost $1,700. And of course, there’s three-time Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson, who goes to just about every Los Angeles Lakers home game. He has held courtside season tickets for more than three decades. Courtside tickets to Lakers games can cost more than $5,000.

Who are these die-hard celebrity sports fans? Click ahead to find out who made our list of celebrity sports fans and how much one of their tickets might cost.

Oh, and by the way, we’ve excluded those celebs with a financial or personal interest in the team. So sorry, George W. Bush; even though you are a big Texas Rangers baseball fan, you were once part-owner of the team. And Jay-Z: We know you’re a Nets fan, but you, too, are an owner.

By Jessica NaziriPosted 27 January 2012

Photo: Grant Faint | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images