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Biggest Ad Spenders of the Decade

A Super Bowl advertisement is the most expensive ad in television, and with the game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots expected to be the most-watched event of the year, the 2012 edition may provide more than the usual bang for the buck.

After all, it’s a unique opportunity for advertisers because Super Bowl ads have essentially become in-game content for fans watching at home.

This year’s ads on NBC’s broadcast cost $3.5 million on average for every 30 seconds. Which advertisers are willing to spend that kind of money year after year? More than a few. Here are the top 10 Super-Bowl advertisers, ranked by total ad dollars spent in the past 10 years (2002-2011), according to media valuation firm Kantar Media.

By Darren Rovell
Posted Jan 31 2012

Source: Kantar Media || Photo: Tetra Images | Getty Images