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These goggles for dogs are the brainchild of Roni Di Lullo, who stumbled upon the bright idea one day in 1997 at the local dog park. Her border collie, MidKnight, was sensitive to the light and was having a hard time catching a Frisbee. “I had on my sunglasses and was like, why didn’t he have something on his eyes,” she said.

So Di Lullo set out to try to make her dog his own pair of sunglasses. At first, she tried adjusting regular goggles with various straps. Then she dug into her personal savings, designed a different model that would fit a dog’s face, and Doggles was born. Now, dogs can hang their heads out of car windows with abandon — not only do Doggles offer 100 percent UV protection, they also protect against dust and debris.

Di Lullo’s company, MidKnight Creations, has since branched out to include backpacks, floatation jackets and cat toys. It’s pulling in about $3 million a year in sales.

Photo & Source: Doggles