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Smart Refrigerator (LG Electronics)

Price: NA (product debuts late 2012)

Digital Smarts: If you buy this high-tech refrigerator, you’ll be better organized. When you come home with groceries, scan your receipt with your smartphone. The fridge will keep an inventory of your items and expiration dates. Alternatively, you can scan the bar codes off individual items.

The fridge will alert you when you’re out of items or they’re about to expire. Enter family health and dietary details and your fridge can recommend recipes based on its contents. When you’re out of food, no need to reach for a laptop or tablet and order from an online grocery store. Just click on the fridge’s display screen, or LCD panel, that has a wireless connection to the Internet — and order what you need. You may never jot down a grocery list again. The fridge will be available around the fourth quarter.

Photo: LG Electronics