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The Richest Owners in Baseball

With the 2012 MLB season getting under way, the biggest moves in baseball’s off-season were focused on the teams rather than the players.

The league shook up the playoff structure, adding an additional one game wild-card round, while also announcing that the Houston Astros will become an American League team in 2013. More recently, the financially troubled L.A. Dodgers were auctioned off, with a record-breaking bid of $2.15 billion coming in from an investment group that included former NBA star Magic Johnson.

Team owners are among the richest people in the country, and their purchases of big league teams offer a business model that is relatively different than that of other professional sports in the country.

Whereas the NFL negotiates highly profitable national television contracts, conducts aggressive revenue sharing and imposes salary-cap restrictions, professional baseball teams are given more leeway in their operations.

Without national TV contracts, many MLB teams own highly profitable regional sports networks, while the absence of a hard salary cap has allowed payrolls of some teams to go through the roof.

With all the money involved in the sport, the question remains: who is the richest owner in baseball?

Wealth-X,a global wealth intelligence firm, analyzed information in its proprietary database on owners and controlling partners of MLB teams to see who has the highest personal net worth. The overall net worth figure provided by Wealth-X factors in a range of assets, including shares in companies, real estate, cash, art collections, private planes and other investable assets, including an estimated value for the ownership stake in a given team. Excluded from the list were the Atlanta Braves, owned by Liberty Media and the Toronto Blue Jays, owned by Rogers Communications, since these teams are not controlled by a single individual with an ownership stake.

So, which MLB teams have the richest owners? Click ahead for the Top 10.

By Paul Toscano
Posted 3 April 2012

Source: Wealth-X|| Photo: David Freund | Stockbyte | Getty Images