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10. Broadcaster

2012 pay: $27,324
New to the list for 2012

The news business has always been high stress for comparatively low pay, which makes it a shoe-in for the “worst” list. Add to that the changing digital times and you’ve got your No. 10 worst job — broadcaster, which refers specifically to on-air talent for radio and TV, not the production team. (Though I think we can all agree, the production team doesn’t exactly have it easy, either!)

The broadcast industry has gone through a lot of shrinkage as much of the news is moving to digital formats including online or mobile, which has shrunk demand for broadcasters as well as salaries and compensation. Many radio and TV stations are relying heavily on young talent and interns (i.e., lower pay) as opposed to experienced broadcasters.

“You get new college graduates that will do anything to work in the industry,” said Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast’s 2012 Jobs Rated Report. “We get a lot of anecdotal information that there are year-round interns who never leave,” he said. “They’re essentially working for minimum wage, replacing experienced broadcasters.”

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