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Top 15 Green Celebrities

For all the criticism lobbed at Hollywood over "greenwashing," there are a few true champions of nature among the rich and famous – and these 15 exemplify that.

We trawled through celebrity track records to see how involved they have been in eco causes in recent years, and weeded out ones who have not actively participated in the movement lately. We looked for people who weren’t happy just donating time or money to environmental charities, but those whose work (and name) had as profound an impact on the drafting of a bill or the success of a project.

We singled out celebrities who were honest about their limitations and consistent in their actions (Harrison Ford may have been the vice chair of Conservation International, but he also reportedly owns seven private aircraft).

What these stars have done is used their fame and wealth to raise awareness about the various conservation issues of their choosing—and, more importantly, set an example—such that thanks in part to them, support for environmental causes has never been as high as it is today.

Click ahead to find out who is on our the list and why they made it.

By Regina Hing
Posted 13 April 2012

Photo: Getty Images