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The Biggest CEO Paychecks

Recession, Dodd-Frank rules, and criticism from their own shareholders may have slowed the growth of corporate pay in recent years, but according to initial reports on 2011 compensation, the chief executives of publicly traded companies are hardly going wanting.

The 10 highest-paid CEOs were paid an average of nearly $90 million dollars, when all of an executive’s compensation is considered. The compensation figures listed represent total calculated compensation (TCC), which includes salary, bonuses, estimated stock and stock option awards as well as other incentives. Note that the salary breakdown in this report displays only major sources of compensation, whereas other incentives, such as increases in retirement or pension funds, are not displayed. The information represented here is according to data from Capital IQ and analyzed by the CNBC Analytics Team.

So, who were the highest paid CEOs of the year? Read ahead to see who made the most in 2011.

By Paul O'Donnell, Giovanny Moreano & Paul Toscano
Posted 12 April 2012

Photo: Stella | Getty Images