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Company: Cupcake Vodka
Suggested Price: $17.99

Cupcake’s Frosting flavor, which launched last summer, is one example of what Donna Hood Crecca, senior director of the adult beverage resource group at Technomic, sees as the emergence of flavored vodka’s “candy profile,” which is different from savory profiles that were more popular several years ago.

The company’s other flavors include Devil’s Food and Ginger Snap.

Cocktail Recipe:
“Kiss & Tell”
0.75 oz. Cupcake Frosting Vodka
2 oz. vanilla chai tea
0.75 oz. hazelnut liqueur
0.5 oz. chocolate syrup

Combine ingredients into shaker with ice. Line martini glass with chocolate syrup and strain ingredients into glass.

Photo: Cupcake Vineyards