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Smoked Salmon

Company: Alaska Distillery
Suggested Price: $35.99

Smoked Salmon Vodka is one of Alaska Distillery’s top-selling flavors, said Bella Coley, its chief operating officer. The flavor can be used in a Bloody Mary and also works well with fish and pasta dishes, Coley said.

On April 20, a date that is often identified with the cannabis plant, the company plans to release its Purgatory Hemp Seed flavor. Although the spirit has not been officially released yet, Coley said the company already has received more orders for it than for any of its other products.

Cocktail Recipe:
“Bloody Mary”
2 oz. Smoked Salmon Vodka
2 oz. Clamato
4 splashes Tabasco sauce
1 dash Worcestershire sauce

Combine ingredients and shake or stir.

Photo: Charles A. Baird | CK Alaska Photography