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America's 10 Richest Counties

Just as counties are made up of more than towns and cities, the income of county residents depends on more than the local businesses. What follows are the 10 richest counties in America, according to the Average Income by County report from the Census Bureau, which includes the average annual household income from 2006-2010.

These counties don’t just contain Fortune 500 business headquarters (though some of them do), and they're not just appealing vacation destinations (although two are) and it’s not just the acres of upscale retail that at least one county has that’s providing all the jobs and high incomes. In many of the following cases, the high income of a county is directly tied to the nearest commutable city. Although the workplace is becoming ever more virtual and working remotely has never been more possible, commuting to major metropolitan centers is clearly still a factor driving local economies.

By Colleen KanePosted 26 April 2012

George Rose | Getty Images