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Ashton Kutcher — Actor, Producer, Tech Investor

Ashton Kutchersays that as consistent, higher quality content on the web draws more big name advertisers, there will be a massive shift of billions of dollars.

"I think it starts to tip the scales," Kutcher told CNBC. "And a television dollar or an eyeball in television and an eyeball in Internet will start to become one to one. And once it becomes one to one, the whole damn thing is going to tip."

Kutcher, who is developing original content for a YouTube channel called"Thrash Lab,"says he believes the web has its advantages.

"I'm going to deliver you better analytics about my consumer. You're going to know who they are. You're going to know why they're there,” Kutcher said. “You're going to know where they're going after they came here, and where they came from. And the Nielsens can't give you that on television."

Photo: Getty Images