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Brian Roberts — CEO, Comcast Corp.

Brian Robertsbelieves television is on the verge of incredible transformation.

"I think there'll be more change in television in the next five or 10 years than the last 25—combined," he told CNBC.

While the convergence of TV and the web is a game changer, Roberts says he believes top quality content is still king.

"That's one of the reasons we wanted to buy NBC Universal. Television and movies are still incredibly relevant. And they just are evolving to work on all these different devices."

Comcastplans to deliver premium content with cutting edge technology, developing a next-generation interface called X1. Roberts says the new X1 platform utilizes cloud technology and integrates social networking.

"What's exciting about X1 is that it brings the best of the Internet and the navigation and the search so you can integrate easily with Facebook,with Twitter. You can create a sports app as we've done,” he said. “It can work on a PC, on the TV or on your iPad or your tablet. So it feels very relevant, very fresh, like the Internet."

— Comcast is the majority owner of NBC Universal, the parent of CNBC and CNBC.com.

Photo: Getty Images