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10 Tips to Avoid A Costly Divorce

Divorce. Your world is falling apart emotionally and financially. Even if you saw it coming, you were unaware of the financial ramifications.

Lawyers’ fees vary widely, based on location and reputation. Circumstances — duration of the marriage, income and earning capacity — can all determine the outcome.

What’s more, laws vary widely from state to state, affecting alimony and child-care judgments. In some states — Florida, for example — alimony can be lifelong, if the marriage lasted at least 20 years. In Texas, alimony is limited to three years and a maximum of $5,000 a month, regardless of the length of the union.

With so much at stake, it’s important to be prepared. Treat divorce “like a business deal,” says Jeff Landers, a divorce financial strategist and founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors. “It can easily be one of the most important in your life.”

Here are 10 tips from Landers for avoiding hardship during divorce.

By Jessica NaziriPosted 08 May 2012

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