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Pong Beer

Price: $16.99 - $18.99 for a 30-pack
Availability: Mostly in Northeast, expanding

Beer pong is a game that has been played by college students for decades. The strategy is simple: One person lobs a pingpong ball toward a cup filled with beer. If it goes in, his opponent must drink the cup of beer in an elimination-style match.

Peter Weil had an “a-ha” moment when he saw customers buying beer and pingpong balls at a local shop. He packaged the two together, and Pong Beer— and a CEO — were born.

While college fraternities and dorm rooms may be the most popular places to see Beer Pong games, Weil says it is a “tradition that people hold on to,” and the game outlives its college years for many. Beer Pong is “instant brand awareness,” he says.

The beer, which comes in a 30-pack that includes two ping pong balls, was brought to market in 2011 and is currently available in 15 states, mostly in the Northeast, with plans to expand.

Photo: Pong Beer