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2. Kobe Bryant

Overpaid by: $19,693,258
Salary: $25,244,493
Value of Wins: $5,551,235

Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Minutes Played: 2,232
Wins Produced: 2.85

Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend, and as such many people may bristle at his inclusion on this list. However, Berri contends that the player’s sterling reputation is something of a mirage. “The media says Kobe was one of the best players in the game in 2011-12,” he said “But the numbers tell a different story.”

According to Berri, Bryant’s scoring simply comes down to the fact that he takes a lot of shots. “But in contrast to past years, Kobe’s shooting efficiency was below average for a shooting guard, and inefficient shooting doesn’t produce wins,” he said. “However, if you take enough shots you can still score enough points to convince fans – and the media – that you are actually helping a team win.”

But doesn’t Bryant’s star power attract enough fans to help the team’s bottom line? No, according to Berri. “The study of gate revenue reveals that it is wins that drive revenue. Star power is far less important.”

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