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3. Antawn Jamison

Overpaid by: $17,402,350
Salary: $15,076,715
Value of Wins: -$2,325,635

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Minutes Played: 2,151
Wins Produced: -1.19

Antawn Jamison has been in the NBA since 1998. According to Berri, Jamison’s long career is exactly the problem. At 35, Jamison relatively advanced age makes him a liability to the team’s bottom line, Berri said.

“Players in the NBA tend to peak around 25 years of age,” he said. “Once upon a time Jamison could be close to an average NBA player. But at 35, his inability to score efficiently and rebound results in a level of productivity that is in the negative range.”

Matthew J. Lee | The Boston Globe via Getty Images