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Communications Director

Degrees: French and German

When Christina Zila graduated from Marquette University in 1999, she left with not one but two majors, both of which she describes as “useless” — French and German. “My family was a little surprised and confused that I chose to major in languages,” she said. Her studies helped her earn a six-month internship at a German cigar factory, and she ended up staying in the country for six years.

The overseas experience led to her current position as director of communications for Textbroker.com, a German-owned online content creation company based in the U.S. “I put ‘German’ into Monster.com and Textbroker came up,” she said. ”The founder is German, and he was expanding the company into the U.S., so they were sourcing English content and they needed someone in the U.S. to take customer calls, client calls and help it grow.” She described her position as “absolutely the best job I’ve ever had,” and although she wouldn’t disclose her salary, she did say, “I am making the most money now that I have ever made.”

David De Lossy | Digital Vision | Getty Images