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Most Expensive Homes in Each City

It’s always entertaining to see how home prices vary from place to place, and to see what homes command the highest prices. Usually, the priciest properties have names. They also tend to have swimming pools on landscaped grounds, a gourmet kitchen and very often a wine cellar. But what else do they have that commands such prices? It’s not always obvious. Two of the following homes are being sold unfinished, and one of those two is charging an extra $50,000 for parking. A handful of these properties don’t even have enough square footage to qualify as mansions.

What follows are the priciest listings currently posted on Realtor.com in each of the 10 most-populous cities in the U.S. This list is an indicator of the top end of real estate offerings in these cities. However, it should not be considered comprehensive as it does not include pocket listings, which may appear on each property’s exclusive broker website but are not distributed to other sites through the multi-listing system (MLS).

Which of the following 10 cities has the most expensive home? In which city is the most expensive listing a mere $4.5 million? Ranked in order from the least expensive to the most expensive mansion, here are the priciest homes in the 10 biggest cities in the U.S.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 27 June 2012