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The Top States in Tech 2012

An environment for innovation is crucial to becoming a top state for business but the right technological infrastructure must also be in place to support and attract businesses.

As part of our annual study, America’s Top States for Business, we grade states on several criteria in this important category of Technology & Innovation.

States were evaluated on their support for innovation, the number of patents that were issued to their residents, deployment of broadband services and the number of high-tech businesses that were formed.

Also considered was how much each state received in federal health and science research grants, which tend to spawn private-sector applications.

All of the states ranked in the top ten in 2012 are at the cutting edge of ingenuity and the road to a more connected, yet wireless, world. This year, you may be surprised by some of the states that joined the usual leaders.

Click ahead to see this year’s rankings, as well as those of 2011 and 2010 for all the states mentioned.

By Cadie Thompson, Technology Editor, CNBC.com
Posted 10 July 2012

Photo: Getty Images