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McDonalds (MCD)

McDonald's has been an Olympic sponsor since 1976 and their current agreement extends their sponsorship through 2020. Even before they were a sponsor McDonald's was supporting Olympic athletes by flying food to the athletes at the 1968 games in Grenoble, France. This year four temporary McDonald's restaurants have been built throughout Olympic Park staffed by over 2000 people ready to serve the athletes, coaches, spectators, for all 19 days of the games.

Also, if any other food venue wants to serve fries they might be out of luck. The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games sent out a memo stating that due to McDonald’s sponsorship, other restaurants are not allowed to serve fries anywhere within the Olympic Park. There is one exception however – restaurants may offer chips as long as they are served with fish.

Photo: Cancan Chu | Getty Images Sport | Getty Images