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A Guide to Retirement in Costa Rica

When the time comes to retire, not everyone wants a condo in Boca Raton. Many people want to spend their later years in another culture, one that makes them feel like they’ve stumbled upon a secret paradise.

One such place is Costa Rica. Its name means “rich coast,” which is appropriate considering its location on the Central American isthmus. Its equatorial setting keeps the climate tropical year-round, and the Pacific Ocean on its west coast and the Caribbean Sea to the east make it everything the retired beachcomber could possibly hope for.

Just one look at some photos makes the tiny nation look incredibly enticing, but just as there’s more to retirement than simply quitting one’s job and not getting a new one, there’s more to Costa Rica than its beaches. Therefore, those seriously considering picking up stakes to live there should look a little closer.

CNBC.com used data from the State Department, the Costa Rica tourism board and experiences of some Americans who have lived there to gain insight into the nation’s economy, real estate market, healthcare resources and other issues that retirees should weigh when relocating. Read ahead to find out more about making Costa Rica your own retirement haven.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 20 July 2012

Marialuisa Wittlin | Flickr | Getty Images