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10. SK Hynix

Market cap: $16.4 billion
Price-Earnings Ratio, P/E: NA

SK Hynix, formerly known as Hynix Semiconductor, is the world’s second largest memory chipmaker.

The company was founded in 1983 and changed its name to SK Hynix after SK Telecom paid $2.98 billion in February for a 21-percent stake in the firm.

Despite SK Hynix’s prominent position in the semiconductor business, the firm posted its third quarterly loss in April of $227.8 million, as slowing computer sales undercut chip prices. The stock is down almost 11 percent in the past 12 months to July 10.

Market analysts are still positive on the stock, with 26 out 46 polled calling for it to outperform; 14 recommend it as a buy, according to Reuters.

The company has announced a number of new initiatives recently in order to compete with tech giants Samsung Electronics and Micron. Last month, it announced the completion of a new semiconductor line that would help meet rising demand for data-storage chips used in Apple’s smartphones and tablets. The move came after the firm’s $250 million takeover of L_A_Media Devices (LAMD) to produce packaged chips. There have also been reports for the past few months that SK Hynix is considering buying operations of bankrupt Japanese chipmaker Elpida.

Photo: Seokyong Lee | Bloomberg | Getty Images