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Why not a mansion?

Why hasn’t the billionaire traded up to a more luxurious home over the years?

“I’m happy there. I’d move if I thought I’d be happier someplace else,” he told the BBC’s Evan Davis in “The World’s Greatest Moneymaker.” “How would I improve my life by having 10 houses around the globe? If I wanted to become a superintendent of housing … I could have as a profession, but I don’t want to manage 10 houses and I don’t want somebody else doing it for me and I don’t know why the hell I’d be happier. “

This house does just fine, he says. “I’m warm in the winter, I’m cool in the summer, it’s convenient for me,” he said in the interview. “I couldn’t imagine having a better house.”

In February, Buffett shared further nonmaterialistic sentiments with Charlie Rose. “I have every possession I want. I have a lot of friends who have a lot more possessions. But in some cases, I feel the possessions possess them, rather than the other way around.”