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Surprisingly Legal Drugs

The marketplace for narcotics isn’t what it used to be. Conventional street drugs like crystal meth and heroin continue to sell as ever before, but a new breed of mind-altering substances is becoming hard to ignore. These drugs are legal in many states, not because they’ve been decriminalized, but because they have yet to be classified as drugs.

Some derive from natural sources that have been around since time immemorial, and others are synthesized in laboratories. But in both cases, these substances --- which go by names like bath salts, spice, herbal incense and even plant food --- provide inexpensive highs and can be obtained in stores.

The highs often mimic those of drugs like marijuana and cocaine, but they don’t turn up in drug screenings and aren’t subject to federal laws. In many cases, the drugs are labeled “not for human consumption,” which allows them to go unregulated.

Read ahead to see a list of dangerous drugs that are legal in many American states.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 27 July 2012

UIG via Getty Images