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Bath Salts

People paying attention to the news in the last few months have likely heard of a drug called “bath salts.” It can be made with various different chemicals, including methylenedioxypyrovalerone, an amphetamine-like substance abbreviated as “MDPV.”

It can produce delusions, psychosis and violent behavior.

On July 10, President Barack Obama signed a bill banning MDPV, along with more than 20 other chemicals commonly used to make bath salts. However, producers of the drug are able to change chemicals used to make the drug, according to the Associated Press.

According to the Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program, a nonprofit outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment program in New Jersey, bath salts manufacturers have responded to the MDPV ban by creating a new version of the drug that substitutes the stimulant pentedrone.

So far, only a handful of states, such as Colorado, Illinois and Indiana, have taken steps to regulate this substance.