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Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Owner: Richard Branson
Estimated value: $100 million

Virgin Group’s Richard Branson bought Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands for about £180,000 in 1978, and the island is now worth an estimated $100 million.

The flamboyant British billionaire turned the 74-acre island into a luxury retreat in 1984, with Balinese style houses run by 60 private staff. The resort can provide accommodations for up to 28 people, and individual rooms for a week-long gateway can cost up to $35,000. Renting the entire island reportedly costs over $50,000 a night. The island also has more than 200 flamingos; and, for a daily fee of $2,500, guests can go underwater on a three-person submarine called the Necker Nymph.

Some famous celebrities who have tied the knot on the exclusive island include Branson and wife Joan, and Google co-founder Larry Page who married Lucy Southworth in 2007. Necker Island made headlines in August last year when British actress Kate Winslet and Branson’s family were among guests that escaped uninjured from a major house fire caused by a lightning strike during a tropical storm.

Photo: Ken Gillham | Getty Images