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Brecqhou, U.K.

Owner: David and Frederick Barclay
Purchase price: $4.3 million

Billionaire twins David and Frederick Barclay bought the island of Brecqhou in the English Channel Islands in 1993 for $4.3 million.

The brothers, British businessmen whose empire includes The Daily Telegraph newspaper and The Ritz hotel, went on to transform the 80-acre island with gardens, vineyards, a pub, and a village that has a chapel. About 190,000 trees, shrubs and flowers have been planted on the island, which is home to 2,000 species of animals. The brothers also built a castle-like stone mansion with a helipad. The getaway, 80 miles off the U.K.’s southern coast, is the perfect getaway for the 77-year-old Barclay twins who guard their privacy: the most recent photograph in circulation for the billionaires is from 2000, when they were knighted for charitable work.

This year, the island’s gardens opened for day trips for guests staying at one of the brothers’ luxury hotels in neighboring Sark Island. In recent years, the twins have made headlines over legal disputes with the Sark government. They own several businesses on the island, including hotels and a construction company.

Photo: AP |Graham Barclay | Bloomberg | Getty Images