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Champagne and Caviar

Foiling international terrorists is exhausting, stressful work, and Bond likes to relax with a high-end snack and a drink—often before a fight. In Casino Royale, Bond hits the Bahamas and orders champagne and caviar. He then quickly leaves a new lady friend and jets to Miami to pursue the bad guy.

His libations, in addition to his customary vodka martini, have included Talisker Whisky and chilled Bollinger Champagne. For munchies, 007 prefers Beluga caviar.

A bottle of Bollinger can cost around $100 to several hundred, depending on the vintage. Beluga caviar will set you back roughly $50 for a one-ounce jar or up to several hundred dollars for a larger tin.

Photo: John E. Kelly | FoodPix | Getty Images