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Presidential Masks

Suggested Price: $16.99 and up

With the election looming, more than 767,000 Halloween party-goers are expected to wear some sort of political costume, according to NRF’s survey, conducted by the firm BIGinsight.

This means President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be going head-to-head at the costume shop, as well as at the polls. Some costume retailers suggest that mask purchases may even predict the outcome of the election.

Of course, not everyone uses their costume choice to express their political leanings. Some will just aim for a good laugh. So don’t be surprised if you see “Romney” at a Halloween party with “Snooki” from “Jersey Shore” at his side. He’ll probably just be spoofing Romney’s recent comment that he’s kind of a “Snooki fan.”

Photo: buycostumes.com