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“The Happy Hooker: My Own Story”

By Xaviera Hollander
Publisher: Dell Publishing

For many baby boomers, this was their introduction to S-E-X.

Written in the era of free love, it shot straight to the top of the best-seller lists when it was released in 1971, selling more than 15 million copies.

“The Happy Hooker” is the behind-the-brothel's door memoir of Xaviera de Vries, who had immigrated to the U.S. in the early ‘60s. Tired of her oh-so respectable job as a secretary at the Dutch consulate, she quit to become a call girl, making what she claimed was $1,000 a night. A year later, she opened her own brothel “Xaviera's Happy House” and soon became New York's leading madam.

This was and remains a classic tell-all of the world's oldest profession.

Source: Amazon.com